Top 5 Insights from Oakland University’s Research on the Effectiveness of Oral Language for Early Childhood Literacy

Recorded on April 14, 2016

Learn Oakland University’s independent research into the effectiveness of oral language acquisition for early reading fluency and what it means for early childhood educators worldwide. These longitudinal studies were conducted at multiple schools and in diverse populations of children from preschool to Grade 2. We will review the testing measurements used but quickly drill down into understanding the impact on various student subgroups and on their literacy skills.


Deonna Montei, Literacy Consultant

Deonna Montei has served as a Teacher, an Administrator, a Reading Recovery Teacher Leader, a Regional Literacy Training Center Director, and a Literacy Consultant for more than 30 of Michigan’s public and private school districts in rural, urban and suburban areas and in the inner city, as well as in public, private and charter schools. It has given her a first-hand perspective on what really makes a difference when it comes to language.


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