Customer Testimonials


Katie Danks, GSRP Preschool Lead Teacher

"I’ve been teaching preschool for 4 years now and I’ve never been more passionate about one particular curriculum. GrapeSEED has enhanced my classroom from the start and I look forward to teaching with it for years to come!" Read more

Laura Tenney, GSRP Preschool Teacher

"Our main concerns revolved around usability and developmental appropriateness. I would recommend GrapeSEED to anyone. I have not seen students begin to use academic language and speak in full sentences as fast as I have seen with GrapeSEED." Read more

Darla Neill, CAA Preschool Teaching Assistant

"The students seem so excited about the material. When I ask a question I’m noticing more complete sentences and details from the children. This has occurred during GrapeSEED lessons and also at other times of the day." Read more