Customer Testimonials


School Administrators

"The biggest difference I see from the kids within the classrooms is the level of engagement. It's crazy to see how much the kids love GrapeSEED and how engaged they are in the learning and taking their learning to the next level. I've seen an increase in our scores and it's been a tremendous asset to our elementary buildings at Mount Union. We're extremely glad and proud of what our students were able to achieve through the GrapeSEED program." Read more

Sarah Warner, Susan Kalan, Connie Ridgeway, Reading Specialists

"The program has been easy to implement. It is sequential, well organized, and user friendly. We have found that the songs, poems, and action activities are entertaining and engaging to students and encourage language development. The program is designed to move fast, encourages student interactions, and reaches all learning modalities." Read more

Cheryl Kalinowski-Preschool Teacher, and other educators

"For me what GrapeSEED has done is made my lesson planning easier because it’s given me a solid base. It’s made my life easier, and I think it’s made me a better teacher. And it has definitely helped the students because I’m not just standing there drilling them and it’s not paper/pencil; it’s hands-on through movement and song and dancing, and they love it because they’re exposed to it so many different times and so many different ways." Read more