Customer Testimonials


Paula Sizemore, Executive Administrator

"We added GrapeSEED in our second year of programming offerings. The difference between the Kindergarten students who received GrapeSEED compared to those who did not is surprising." Read more

Ellen Coget, Kindergarten Teacher

"One of the biggest benefits of GrapeSEED is the level of student engagement during the GrapeSEED lessons. I have never seen a program in which the students were so consistently engaged at such a high level over time." Read more

Kim Aspin, Kindergarten Teacher

"I truly enjoy the song components of GrapeSEED! I love to sing and the children just love to express themselves through song. Singing can be contagious. I can hear them singing the songs throughout our day; the tunes are catchy and fun!" Read more

Kristine Rose, Title One Literacy Teacher

"The children really enjoy the GrapeSEED experience and love coming to class. In fact, the second graders in my building wish that they could have it as well, and we have even used it as a reward system for children in that grade, where they can earn time in GrapeSEED." Read more

Courtney Frank, Kindergarten Teacher

"The students who have had GrapeSEED since they started Kindergarten are able to tell stories with a beginning, middle and end, and they are able to communicate their ideas about books easier than children who have not been exposed to the GrapeSEED program. I can see GrapeSEED working in my classroom!" Read more

Anna Davis, Kindergarten Teacher

"My main concern was time. It was a lot to ask with everything else we had to teach. I was also skeptical about using it with my English speaking students. After adopting GrapeSEED, all my concerns went away!" Read more