Customer Testimonials


Kresta Byington, Principal

"Last year, we started with K-1 grades, and this year we have expanded the use of GrapeSEED through all elementary grades in the district. Students of even 5th grade are now using GrapeSEED." Read more

What Teachers Say About Training and Support

Educators on Support-2

Peggy Bohac, First Grade Teacher

"I have one little girl with a language impairment who typically only spoke in 1-2 word utterances. At day seven of GrapeSEED, she spoke her first complete sentence, without prompting or guidance from me. I believe in GrapeSEED!" Read more

Kasey MacKinnon, First Grade Teacher

"Now all of our Pre-school, Kindergarten, and first grade students are using the GrapeSEED program. When a program is this engaging and this successful, we can’t NOT give our early childhood students the opportunity to benefit from it." Read more