School Administrators and Other Educators


Hear what school administrators and other champions of education have to say about the joy and achievement their students are experiencing with GrapeSEED.

"The biggest difference I see from the kids within the classrooms is the level of engagement. It's crazy to see how much the kids love GrapeSEED and how engaged they are in the learning and taking their learning to the next level. I've seen an increase in our scores and it's been a tremendous asset to our elementary buildings at Mount Union. We're extremely glad and proud of what our students were able to achieve through the GrapeSEED program."

- Matt Franks, Principal, Mount Union Area School District

"With the implementation of GrapeSEED at Southern Huntingdon County School District, we have seen significant growth in the area of reading achievement in all of our classrooms. What’s more, at the start of the 2016-2017 school year, students were asking their teachers when the GrapeSEED lessons would start. Southern Huntingdon County School District is pleased with our investment in GrapeSEED and in our student's educational future."

- Stacey J. Miller, Director of Special Education and Pupil Services, Southern Huntingdon County School District

"What I've heard from parents – they're amazed. They're amazed at the songs that their children sing at home. They're amazed when they go in the classrooms and see the teachers implementing GrapeSEED and how the children are receiving it."

- Louise Ketner, Executive Director of the Huntingdon County Child & Adult Development Corporation

“GrapeSEED oral language listening and speaking supplemental curriculum implementation led to marked improvement in our students’ kindergarten readiness. GrapeSEED, the only variable in our 2 year study of kindergarten readiness, led to an amazing gain from 43% to 63% kindergarten ready based on multiple assessments.”

- Eric Hoppstock, Assistant Superintendent and school psychologist, Berrien RESA School District

"GrapeSEED has changed my center by, first of all, getting a group of 3 and 4-year-old children wanting to learn!  I can barely get the day started without my children asking, "When are we going to start GrapeSEED?". GrapeSEED is such a fun way to learn. Since starting this program, my children's confidence about learning has boosted. The children want to participate in class time by answering questions and doing shared reading. I have a 3-year-old who is reading and not just by memory. I thank GrapeSEED for creating such a wonderful program."

- Julia Humphrey Rhodes, Owner and Teacher at Timothy's Angels Development Center in Louisville, KY

"Now the kids are progressing so quickly, you can’t wait to go down to the classroom, which is a really good sign in our business."

- Jim Bermingham, Superintendent at Berrien Springs Public Schools

"Seeing the confidence that the GrapeSEED program encourages in English students in America was wonderful to see! I'm always amazed with how much attention and time is given to each child's individuality in U.S. schools. The children are honored and feel safe and happy at school."

- Wayne and Natalie Sawatsky, owners of Interlink School in Azerbaijan, during a visit to a GrapeSEED classroom in Michigan.

"Academy of Warren utilized GrapeSEED and student literacy learning literally exploded! 1st and 2nd grade teachers creatively incorporated the GrapeSEED elements to scaffold students learning, and the results were truly impressive. If you've not experienced the difference GrapeSEED can make for your struggling K-2 learners, you must investigate this excellent program."

- Paula Sizemore, Executive Administrator with CS Partners at the Academy of Warren

"It's something that gets the kids up and moving and gets them excited. I would like to thank the creators of GrapeSEED for giving children, especially children who don’t start out the year with a strong voice, giving them the confidence and the encouragement to open up and try using language that they might not have other opportunities to use."

- Linda Henning, PS Assistant, Hollywood Elementary School