Sarah Warner, Susan Kalan, Connie Ridgeway, Reading Specialists

What have you found in your experience with GrapeSEED?

The program has been easy to implement. It is sequential, well organized, and user friendly. We have found that the songs, poems, and action activities are entertaining and engaging to students and encourage language development. The program is designed to move fast, encourages student interactions, and reaches all learning modalities. The quick pace of the program makes the 45 minute lesson go fast!

What are the benefits for your students?

The students have shown wonderful growth in communication skills throughout GrapeSEED sessions. Most importantly though, the ELL children are able to transfer those skills into classroom conversations and academic discussions.

The program focuses on repetition of vocabulary and abstract language (example words like through, open, and shut, etc.) fosters understanding of everyday words. Also, the social language (thank you, you’re welcome) learned in GrapeSEED is evident in daily interactions between the ELL students and others in the building. The children hear proper sentence structure, concepts of print, and articulation skills are modeled for students daily.

ELL Students of Past Without GrapeSEED Instruction:

For the past several years our ELL students have been placed in our rooms without any program to learn the language. The children have sat in our rooms totally overwhelmed, sometimes cried, and often shut down mentally. With the implementation of GrapeSEED this year, the children are singing GrapeSEED songs in the hallway, giggling, and laughing. The GrapeSEED groups enjoy spending time with their ELL peers and are brighter and happier overall, feeling part of things at school. The children are better able to communicate with their English speaking peers and teachers, follow instruction better, and they utilize the DVDs and CDs throughout the school day when in their classrooms. This gives the children a break during the school day and enables them to feel a greater level of success.

Implications for the Future:

We will continue using the program with our ELL children in future years and want to start using the program with our special needs population that demonstrates language deficits. All three of us enjoy teaching GrapeSEED!