Courtney Frank, Kindergarten Teacher

Main concerns about English learning programs that would have prevented you from adopting GrapeSEED?

I was unsure whether GrapeSEED would help or hinder my high achieving students. Oral language is a key factor in a literacy program, and children have varying levels of understanding. How will GrapeSEED cater to the most differentiated of needs and keep all of my students engaged?

After adopting GrapeSEED, what have you found with regards to those concerns?

GrapeSEED delves into oral language beautifully using songs, poems, big books, and characters that all children can relate to. During one 40 minute lesson in GrapeSEED, children are immersed in language, story elements, sentence structure, and phonics concepts. GrapeSEED is expertly assembled to help boost the confidence of struggling readers and writers, as well as push high achieving students to write using correct sentence structure. Each child takes out what he or she needs from the GrapeSEED program. It is really quite amazing!

Top 3 benefits and the features (in your view) of using GrapeSEED for you and for your students?

GrapeSEED is an innovative literacy program that is exciting, engaging, and interactive! The students enjoy learning. GrapeSEED encourages children to participate, sing, read, write, and learn with colorful illustrations, catchy songs and captivating stories.

GrapeSEED has influenced my students’ attitudes towards learning. The children love their individual GrapeSEED student materials. These materials allow my students the opportunity to become increasingly independent. The books in their packets are familiar to them, so they feel comfortable taking educational risks to strengthen their concepts about print, their ability to find and recognize high frequency words, and practice retelling stories that they love. It is not uncommon for children to ask to read GrapeSEED books during our creative playtime.

I also noticed that GrapeSEED has boosted student confidence in both Reading and Writing.  My high achieving students become more confident with their reading while the students who need more support are able to track print and feel more confident with each exposure in the classroom. Literacy begins with oral language, and GrapeSEED does an amazing job fostering this skill in all children. Once a child is able to hold a story or poem, they feel more comfortable with their reading and writing. GrapeSEED is built on these exposures. GrapeSEED sets each student up for success!

How would you compare the language development of students using GrapeSEED with those who are NOT?

I can only attest to the students who have entered my room later in the year from different districts, versus the students who have had GrapeSEED in my classroom since September. The students who have had GrapeSEED since they started Kindergarten in September are able to identify when the language they are using “sounds right.” They are able to tell stories with a beginning, middle and end, and they are able to communicate their ideas about books easier than children who have not been exposed to the GrapeSEED program.  I can see GrapeSEED working in my classroom!.

Is there anything you’d like to add?

I am amazed by the support that GrapeSEED offers. My trainer, Jodie Shell, is only a phone call or e-mail away with helpful tips and tricks. When she observes in the classroom, she extends her knowledge of the program to help my co-workers and myself to ensure that we are getting as much out of the program as we can. I am so thankful, as a classroom teacher, to have daily support in this innovative well-rounded literacy program! Thank you for what you are doing for our children!