Cheryl Kalinowski-Preschool Teacher, and other educators

Hear what other champions of education and English language learning are saying about the success they have seen with their English learners.

"For me what GrapeSEED has done is made my lesson planning easier because it’s given me a solid base. It’s made my life easier, and I think it’s made me a better teacher. And it has definitely helped the students because I’m not just standing there drilling them and it’s not paper/pencil; it’s hands-on through movement and song and dancing, and they love it because they’re exposed to it so many different times and so many different ways."

- Cheryl Kalinowski, Preschool Teacher, Berrien RESA School District

"Our kindergarten classrooms have thoroughly embraced the GrapeSEED program. Kindergarten had gotten so focused on academics and the rigorous curriculum that we had to teach that we rarely had time for things that we used to do. GrapeSEED has brought the fun back to kindergarten. Our students look forward to GrapeSEED time. We all love the songs and action activities and we find ourselves doing them all throughout the day."

- Donna Warren, Kindergarten Teacher, Cassopolis Public Schools

Cassopolis Public Schools Kindergarten

"The children LOVE GrapeSEED and are always excited to do it. Children who were quiet and hesitant to talk are now actively involved in our daily lessons and activities. GrapeSEED has allowed our children to develop skills that will help them in the future."

- Jessica Deline, Pre-K Teacher, Huntingdon County Child and Adult Development Corporation

"For the past several years our ELL students have been placed in our rooms without any program to learn the language. The children have sat in our rooms totally overwhelmed, sometimes cried, and often shut down mentally. With the implementation of GrapeSEED this year, the children are singing GrapeSEED songs in the hallway, giggling, and laughing. The GrapeSEED groups enjoy spending time with their ELL peers and are brighter and happier overall, feeling part of things at school. The children are better able to communicate with their English speaking peers and teachers, follow instruction better, and they utilize the DVDs and CDs throughout the school day when in their classrooms. This gives the children a break during the school day and enables them to feel a greater level of success."

- Sarah Warner, Susan Kalan, and Connie Ridgeway, Third Grade Reading Specialists at Reilly Elementary School, Salem City Schools

"I couldn’t be more grateful for a program like this to come my way. I could cry telling you how excited I am and how excited I am to see the learning taking place, and it’s because of the GrapeSEED program. I can’t thank you enough for all you have given me and for all the opportunities you’ve provided to help create such an awesome learning experience in my classroom."

- Cassandra Harris, Teacher, Hollywood Elementary School

"Anyone with the privilege of using GrapeSEED English Curriculum knows what a gold mine it is!!!! I WON'T give mine up!!!!"

"My colleagues tell me that their ESL students are now participating more, volunteering to read in front of the class, articulating better, and even writing better than ever before! I have students that are reading at grade level in less than six months! Word of GrapeSEED has spread so fast that the parents of my students are recommending Berrien Springs Public Schools ESL program to all of their friends!"

- Michele Tucker, Bilingual-ESL Teacher, Mars Elementary School

"What I really like about it is that each child gets from it what they need. The children who are struggling get confidence in reading all the way up to the children who can read and write who are, all of a sudden, taking GrapeSEED materials and transposing them and using them in a new way. It’s been a wonderful program and I can’t wait to see what it brings next."

- Aleece Tousignant, Teacher at Clintondale Public Schools

"They’re never late to their ESL class. They can’t wait to go. They’re like, ‘It’s time, gotta go now!’ They love it."

- Debbie Bryant, Teacher at Berrien Springs Public Schools

"I’ve seen a huge improvement in his reading and I think a big part of it is the GrapeSEED. He can sit down and read almost every GrapeSEED story from Level 1 to you. He was barely at a Level 2 when we started the program and he’s almost at a DRA Level 4, so that’s just wonderful."

- Sarah Leahy, Teacher at Clintondale Public Schools

"I really enjoyed working with GrapeSEED last year, and I’m looking forward to this year. As a teacher teaching GrapeSEED, I made my own assessment for each Unit to determine my student’s output. For each poem in the Unit, I was highlighting the sight words and going over them every day.  At the end of each Unit, I gave a sight word assessment as well."

For Unit 1, I took my ELL students to the zoo since it was about animals and most of them had never been to the zoo. That was a great experience for them.

Starting in Unit 2, at the end of each Unit, I did a small snack party for the students and we watched the previous Unit's DVD.

- Marwa Abouelella, Teacher at Melvindale-Northern Allen Park Schools