What Students Say

Learn what students think about GrapeSEED and how the program is helping them improve their oral language, reading, and writing skills!

Rouwidia loves the big book Blue because she can sing the words.
Anri loves the Big Book Black.
Corey can read Blue without any help!
Blake’s favorite story from Unit 3 is We Love School! Blake loves school too!
Abdracman loves to do the actions in Heads, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes.
Blake and Hunter read from their GrapeSEED books after breakfast.
Aidyn’s favorite part of GrapeSEED is reading the poems because he can read them all by himself!
Nono and Sera love the Big Book Black.
Hunter’s favorite story from Unit 3 is Marvin Goes to School. He likes it because it’s funny.
Miram’s favorite story is Ten Things from Unit 2.


I like learning about question marks and periods during GrapeSEED time.--Armon

The thing I like about GrapeSEED is singing.--Malik
My favorite story is Mother Who Lives In a Boot because it has funny stuff in it. In GrapeSEED, I like learning about reading and I like to do actions too.--Addison
My favorite things to do are McDonald’s, Recess, and GrapeSEED.--Chanel
My favorite thing about GrapeSEED is singing the Blue Big Book. I also like the action stuff and learning about titles.--Cooper

"My mom is always taking my GrapeSEED so that she can learn English better. (Whispering to her teacher: I speak better English than she does so she needs to practice my GrapeSEED!)"
- Aileen M.

"GrapeSEED helped me learn English and my little brother too!"
- Iliya U.

"I speak with EXPRESSION because of my teacher and GrapeSEED!"
- Fernando O.

"I love GrapeSEED! It helped me learn English and it is soooo much fun!"
- Alina T.

"GrapeSEED helps me read with expression and write with expression!"
- Hee Jin K.

"I can read better because of GrapeSEED!"
- Jamir M.

"GradeSEED helps us with fluency."
- Mariah S.

"I love to sing these songs. My favorite song is 'There's A Hole!"
- Kayla W.

"I love to crawl like an alligator and climb like a monkey!"
- Giovani C.

"We get to sing all the songs."

"Because GrapeSEED is about school and you get to be better readers and writers. The more you touch the words and the more you look at them, the more you can learn trickier words."

Second Grade Students, Clintondale Community Schools

Two preschoolers were having fun at the computer while watching Mr. Lineman.

Mr. Lineman,” the first student says as the popular character appears on the screen. “He’s a funny guy,” the second student quickly adds. “Yeah, and he’s so funny!

Preschool Students, Berrien RESA School District

I like learning about question marks and periods during GrapeSEED time.--Armon