Vjollca Simoni, Mother of GrapeSEED Student

What are some of the things you have tried or observed with regards to your child’s language development before GrapeSEED?

My daughter Keira, since she was 2 years old, was interested to know how the words from her mother tongue were translated in English. She learned a lot of words since she was two and also was very interested in cartoons and children’s songs in English. She travelled a lot since she was very small, so she was always interested to learn new words from the countries she visited.

What are the changes you have seen in your child at school and at home since your school started using GrapeSEED?

The change was huge. She started GrapeSEED at the age of 4 and 3 months. She is 7.5 years old now. Her teacher was American and she was so talented and such a great teacher that my daughter was looking forward to her next classes. After her 5 classes (3 times per week 1.5 hours), so almost two weeks, she was equipped with her first unit books, and when she arrived home, she could say (not reading, but she knew where the words belonged) everything that was in all 6 books and also memorized the DVDs and CDs. It was so amazing, and her pronunciation and accent was so great. We were so emotional. She was doing EEEs at home and spending a lot of times with her books. She just loved them, and all the family did, too :-).

What do you like most about the GrapeSEED program?

Well the program is just great. It uses easy language and the examples in the books are very practical: the most frequent words are used in the perfect way, and the DVDs and CDs are lovely to see and hear. It created the English brain zone :-), if I can say so, to my daughter, so she was thinking in English and correcting us and making lovely sentences, which helped her better transmit her feelings as well. She was more interested in cartoons as she could understand them better. She was more interested in reading English books, too. Her way of thinking changed, too. Using a very rich vocabulary, she was able to make her own stories following the examples of the GrapeSEED books. In her kindergarten (we have a different system of learning in Albania), she was not introduced with the letters she started writing first in English and later on in the Albanian language. So Keira and we were very happy and proud for having had the possibility to register her in GrapeSEED, as it was for the first time introduced in Albania. She now speaks and reads fluently in English, and I have recommended the program to many of my friends, too.

Lastly, do you have any suggestions and feedback for the GrapeSEED team?

The teachers play a key role in transmitting the lovely program of GrapeSEED. The teachers have to love their job. I was so lucky with the teacher we had; she was so dedicated and always found a nice way to keep the kids concentrating and loving the program. Now Keira was supposed to be in the 12th Unit, and for objective reasons, we had to stop continuing with the program. One thing Keira was sad about was that from Unit 11 on, there were no DVDs, which upset her as she was very keen to watch them. So maybe this can be taken as a suggestion to continue with DVDs.