Customer Testimonials


Vjollca Simoni, Mother of GrapeSEED Student

"My daughter Keira started GrapeSEED at the age of 4 and 3 months. She is 7.5 years old now. After her 5 classes (3 times per week 1.5 hours), so almost two weeks, she was equipped with her first unit books, and when she arrived home, she could say (not reading, but she knew where the words belonged) everything that was in all 6 books and also memorized the DVDs and CDs. It was so amazing, and her pronunciation and accent was so great." Read more

Tufan ALIN, parent of a student at Glencairn Elementary School, and Other Parents

"With this program, the main thing we like is the introduction of the child to the English speaking world and culture through songs and language skills. In our home country, the way kids learn the language is similar to all the world and it involves personal interaction with the kids’ environment. Read more