What Parents Say

Find out what some very excited parents have to say about their children’s experiences with the GrapeSEED program.

"When my son started using the GrapeSEED program, he was already speaking the language at a comfortable level, but the learning process for him had been hard. Once he started using the program, all of these things became more natural, and since it was in a classroom environment with his classmates, it was more entertaining and more interactive for him, making the things he learnt sink in faster and stronger."

Glencairn Elementary_Parent Testimonial

"With this program, the main thing we like is the introduction of the child to the English speaking world and culture through songs and language skills. In our home country, the way kids learn the language is similar to all the world and it involves personal interaction with the kids’ environment; however, since all this interaction involves cultural elements, trying to teach him English language without involving English cultural elements was very hard."

- Tufan ALIN, who writes about his son at Glencairn Elementary School, East Lansing, MI

"My daughter LOVES GrapeSEED! We spend 90% of our time singing the songs. Today was her first day back to school in two weeks and she was so excited. We get unit 3 on Thursday and it's all she talks about. Her learning has increased tremendously! She knows all of her letters now, any letter I point out she knows. She can spell small things like cat, dog, mom, dad, etc. It's amazing to me how fast she went from just singing the ABCs to visually recognizing letters!"

- Dara Cardwell, mother of a preschool student

"My daughter certainly loves that we listen in the car and watch at home. She is able to follow the words even for a short time but I am so excited. Her articulation with the songs and stories is pretty clear as well. Thank you for whatever you went through to implement this program."

- Mother of GrapeSEED kindergarten special needs student in Southern Huntingdon County School District, Pennsylvania

"Jordan had no experience in school, didn’t really know how to write his name yet, no reading experience…I was just amazed with the program and very impressed with GrapeSEED and what it’s done for my preschooler so far."

- Mother of GrapeSEED preschooler

"Thank you so much for bringing the ‘GrapeSEED’ program to CPS! It was the BEST program these kids have ever been introduced to!"

- Mother of GrapeSEED students in Carsonville-Port Sanilac School District in Michigan

"I wanted to share with you how excited [my daughter] is about the GrapeSEED program. She is never too eager to wake up in the morning as she seems not to be a ‘morning person’, but even after a busy weekend, when she woke up today and I told her it was Monday and a school day she immediately said, ‘Oh good!  I think we learn some new GrapeSEED songs today!’ She talks about stories, songs, and movements.  She was singing ‘head, shoulders, knees, and toes’ over and over today. :)

- Mother of GrapeSEED kindergarten student at Nellie Reed Elementary School in Corunna, Michigan

"We knew that Mrs.Shell was gone a few days to learn about this new program. We didn’t know exactly what it was going to be about, but when she came back and started the program with Anthony, he came home and was singing all these different songs. It’s amazing how open he is now to what he was before. When asked to say new words, he pronounced the words and put them into a rhyming sentence."

- Linda Billings, grandparent of Clintondale Public Schools student

"What I like about it is it’s really interactive. Not only are there books, but there’s DVDs and CDs, and it’s a lot of movement and musical activity with it that really grabs the kids’ attention."

- Rashida Shack, parent of Clintondale Public Schools student

"All your struggles in school are because you can’t read or because you’re struggling to read. He didn’t read anything before…nothing, not ‘the’, not ‘and’, not anything and now he can sit down and read any book and he can sound out any word. It’s amazing, and he’s like, “Oh, got the word!"

- Jesse and Correna Kramer, parents of Clintondale Public Schools student

"There are some sounds that they emphasize, they show the mouth how it works, and my kids is improving with the language. He’s improving a lot. Even me and my wife, we are learning."

- Natal Gardino, parent of Berrien Springs student

"We’re not worried about their future, their learning skills; they have everything they need in these books."

- Vladimir Slavujevic, parent of Berrien Springs students