Preschool (at-risk) to Kindergarten Reading Growth

This study, conducted at Berrien Springs Schools in Michigan, was designed to evaluate the effectiveness of GrapeSEED based on four groups of students who either did or did not receive GrapeSEED in preschool (at-risk students) or kindergarten. Out of the 114 kindergarten students assessed, 41 (36%) did not receive GrapeSEED while 73 (64%) did receive GrapeSEED in kindergarten.

Student Distribution Table

The table below shows the distribution from preschool to kindergarten in receipt of GrapeSEED.

Table 1: Distribution GrapeSEED from Preschool to Kindergarten

To evaluate the impact of the program on literacy, all students were assessed in the Fall, mid-year, and Spring using the Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA) Text Level.

The Dose Effect

Students made somewhat larger gains in the second half of the year compared to the first, suggesting that the more GrapeSEED the students receive, the more significant the gains in this area.

Those students who received GrapeSEED in both preschool and kindergarten scored higher than those receiving only one year of GrapeSEED.

Figure 1: Performance Based on Receipt of GrapeSEED in Preschool and Kindergarten

Scores Improved Significantly with GrapeSEED

Although the focus of GrapeSEED is oral language development, kindergarten DRA Text Level scores improved significantly with GrapeSEED. Those students who received GrapeSEED did significantly better on the DRA Text Level assessments than those who did not receive GrapeSEED. The large impact in 2013-2014 may be related to the fact that a number of students also received GrapeSEED as preschool students. DRA Text Level scores were compared with two years of kindergarten Text Level scores from 2010-2011 and 2012-2013.

Figure 2: Performance in Kindergarten Compared with Groups Who Did Not Receive GrapeSEED

Because of the significant, positive results of this study, the school decided to implement GrapeSEED in all kindergarten classrooms.

English Learning Research Results and Findings

Download the comprehensive research report to learn more about the assessments, student samples, results, and the positive impact GrapeSEED is having on these young English learners.