Fun for children to practice and learn on their own

GrapeSEED extends beyond the classroom, with specially designed books, CDs, and DVDs that provide fun and exciting reviews of all vocabulary and language functions taught in the classroom, thus extending the connection beyond the class.

Benefits for students

  • Provides immediate success that produces immediate confidence
  • Students learn English language faster
  • Creates a newfound excitement stemming from successful communication
  • Begins a lifetime of excellence in the language
  • Builds hope for a better future

What is included?


The DVDs show movement, direction, expressions, and body language for immediate comprehension, along with correct pronunciation.



The Audio CDs allow the students to practice listening and repeating the English words at their own pace while improving their pronunciation.

  • 歌曲名称
  • Everybody Grows
    Unit 5 You and Me
  • Blue
    Unit 2 Just Wiggle!
  • Shiver, Shiver, Brrr
    Unit 7 Yes, I Will!
  • Time For A Story
    Unit 3 Count And Shout!

How the children use the materials

The children start off by casually listening to the CDs while relaxing or doing fun activities, followed by "reading along" with the storybooks, helped by their parents. Soon, they start relating the print in the book to the words in the recordings. Eventually, they become self-sufficient and are able to read or sing along with their books.