Educators say, GrapeSEED is a "game-changer"

Principals and teachers from hundreds of schools in more than a
dozen countries attest to this simple fact: GrapeSEED works!

Educators invariably describe GrapeSEED as a "game-changer", a tool that actually does what it claims to do, and a program that levels the playing field for children.

Most countries advocate educational policies based on sound research. In the United States, programs are required to be evidence-based. Educators appreciate that GrapeSEED has a powerful research basis and is backed by multiple evidence-based studies.

See what they’re saying.

  • "Now the kids are progressing so quickly that I can't wait to go down and see the classroom, which is a really good thing in our business!"

  • "We could see within two or three weeks that our students were happier, they were talking more, and they were confident. They are never late for the class!"

  • "I have seen a huge improvement in his reading, and I think a huge part of the reason is GrapeSEED. He can sit down and read almost every story to you."

  • "They have done so much better on fluency, and expression. Their confidence has grown. They are talking louder. Even other teachers have commented on that."

Research Basis

GrapeSEED is grounded in multi-disciplinary research, including:

• Early childhood education, especially as it pertains to language acquisition, whether of the home language or second language


Evidence-based Studies

GrapeSEED has proven to be highly effective in evidence-based studies, including:

• English-speaking Kindergarten and First Grade students from an economically deprived area