Detailed implementation with extensive help

Once you decide to implement GrapeSEED at your own school, your GrapeSEED representative will help you craft an introduction campaign for your community and a presentation for parents so everyone can get on board.

The two important elements of the program adoption roadmap are:

1. Hands-on teacher training and implementation planning

The teacher training phase provides hands-on practice and an opportunity for joint discussions with the GrapeSEED team.

It includes:

  • Three-day training for all instructors, onsite (at your school) or an agreed upon site
  • The program's key features, teaching insights, and teaching tools
  • Observation of a class already using GrapeSEED
  • Discussion of class needs and customization
  • Finalizing a personalized implementation plan

2. Quick Start Guides and Teacher’s Guides

The Quick Start Guides and Teacher’s Guides provide extensive explanations of the program, along with key insights, guidelines, and grading tools.

Topics include:

  • General GrapeSEED objectives and key features
  • How children learn and use language
  • How to use the 40 Teacher’s Guides (one for each unit)
  • Overall learning objectives and outcomes
  • Individual learning objectives and outcomes for each unit
  • Ways to maximize effectiveness and measure results