Use the Poems as a Mentor Text

Published: May 19, 2015

A mentor text is a text that students are familiar with and is  a good example of writing. Because the students are so familiar and confident with GrapeSEED materials, allowing students to use them as an example (or "mentor") during independent or journal writing time will produce great writing from your little ones.

Kristine Rose from Academy of Warren on the border of Detroit was recently working with her 1st grade students during their "journal writing time" and used the poem Monkey from Unit 1 as a mentor text for the students. 

Monkey Poem for phonics letter M Resized1

Many great examples like the one below were produced!

Poem One for Tips Resized1

For those looking for more ways to seamlessly integrate GrapeSEED throughout the day, a small lesson with one of the materials as a mentor text is a powerful way to do so!



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