Review it or Lose it

Published: May 24, 2015

As the year begins to wind down, make sure you're still making the most of your GrapeSEED instructional time! Many of you have done a great job of moving through the Units and their materials in a timely manner and have found yourselves with a bit of extra time at the end of the year. If you're nodding your head, now would be a great time to go back and revisit units and materials that you taught throughout the year. Think about all of the skills and knowledge your students have acquired over the year and how they can put those to good use with old favorites.

For example, if you worked on U1-5 this year with your group, go back to Unit 1 and read Family At The Zoo. What kinds of questions could you ask now? How else could your students interact with the story? Have fun reviewing with your class and please let us know what you try out!



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