Foundation Fundamentals: Chants!

Published: December 03, 2017

GrapeSEED Chants are introduced in Unit 3. Chants are special because they expose children to asking and answering questions, reciprocal conversation, and even dialogue between characters. Our Chants also introduce children to contractions! 

Tonya wants to remind you that when introducing a new Chant, you will ask and answer the questions, so be sure to use proper intonation and expression to build meaning for your students. As you move along in exposures, your students will begin to answer the question in the Chant! As the boys and girls gain confidence and independence with the language, have fun playing with the Chant! 

To increase student engagement, you can add simple props, let the children ask the questions while you answer, invite one child to ask the question while rest of the class answers and so much more!


Have Questions?

Feel free to contact your GrapeSEED trainer. They will be happy to help!