Back to Basics: Chants

Published: October 10, 2016

Starting in Unit 3, chants provide students with the opportunity to practice conversations as well as asking and answering questions. Giving students this practice is vital to imparting communicative ability.

When practicing chants:

  • Say the chant with natural, conversational expression. This will allow the students to hear the language within the chant as they normally would in conversation.
  • Have students say both sides (question & answer) of the chant at the beginning of each Unit. Once confident with both sides, treat it as a dialogue but don’t forget to let your students ask the questions as much as they answer them.
  • Get creative! Find ways for the students to use the language expressions they’re encountering in fun, natural ways. With "Yes, It Is!" in Unit 3, put an object (marker, card, book, playdough, etc.) into a student’s hands while his eyes are closed. Have him ask the rest of the class, “What is this? Is this a ___?” and let them respond with a full sentence. This will work in small groups or pairs as well. Let us know how it goes and what other extensions you try with chants!


Have Questions?

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