Back to Basics: Big Books

Published: November 29, 2016

Do you know why big books are called big books? Because they’re big, and they’re books.

Bad jokes aside, big books are designed to help students learn the phrasing and structure of our language as well as phonics principles, proper pronunciation, natural expression, and concepts of print. Big books can also be used to teach and review important vocabulary and expressions.

Remember to:

  • Always teach each big book twice. Sing it once and then read it once. Singing it helps with retention and reading it helps with comprehension.

  • Make sure your students are reading naturally when it is time to read and singing when it is time to sing. It is very common for there to be crossover between the two and we especially want to help our students develop expressive fluency while reading.
  • Work on concepts of print where possible and when it’s appropriate.

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