Back to Basics: Action Activities

Published: October 04, 2016

Movement isn’t just good for strengthening the body. Research shows that it also strengthens all key areas of the brain! Action Activities are purposefully built into GrapeSEED to allow students to get involved through physical movement, and they provide a welcome break for students who have been sitting for a period of time. Allowing students to physically respond to or act out verbal commands helps them learn to listen carefully as well as to improve their ability to think in English.

Make sure to:

  • Plan for movement within your lesson every 5-8 minutes.

  • Let students know it’s okay to just respond physically at the beginning of each Unit. 
  • Encourage students to say the actions as they do them once they’re comfortable and confident with the actions.
  • Extend Action Activities by letting students take turns telling you or their classmates different commands from the current Unit’s materials. You can also change the order, the number of times, or the command itself. For example, with Unit 1’s Let’s Climb you could say, “This is how students sit. Let’s sit. Sit, sit, sit. Now…stand!


Have Questions?

Feel free to contact your GrapeSEED trainer. They will be happy to help!