• The ABCs of DVDs!

    Published: March 28, 2017

    Your GrapeSEED DVDs are an important piece of the oral language puzzle! Your girls and boys will interact with the Songs, Stories, Action Activities, Chants and more in a unique way, increasing their level of engagement, comprehension and confidence. How you use the DVD is up to you… During transition times As a special end of the day or end of the week treat At the computer center During indoor recess …the list goes on The choice is yours! Just remember, R...

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  • It’s A Balancing Act

    Published: March 21, 2017

    What are the three sources of information that students use as they leap into literacy? The answer is meaning, visual and structure! Your students are balancing three sources of information as they learn to read! For young learners, meaning is typically carried throughout the illustrations, visual is the print on the page and includes phonetic information and punctuation, and structure is an understanding of how our language works. Be sure to incorporate these critical points into your lessons...

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  • Managing Your GrapeLEAF Exposures

    Published: March 14, 2017

    We appreciate the hard work and effort that has gone into integrating GrapeSEED into your day! The Exposure Management Chart is a powerful tool to help you stay on top of where you’re at and where you’d like to take your students. Remember, all of the materials should be continuously cycled through, and you and your students should never go through more than 3 lessons without teaching and experiencing them all. When taught this way, your students are able to continue to build on pr...

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  • Inspire Interaction

    Published: March 07, 2017

    Create bulletin boards and wall space centered on the theme of each Unit to inspire the use of vocabulary and language expressions. Also, have real life props, pictures, and other books on display which correspond with your GrapeSEED learning. These environmental aids will help your students naturally have conversations about the themes and will give you a chance to make observations about how well they are transferring the language they’re encountering in the materials into real life us...

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  • What Do We Need to Learn and Acquire a Language?

    Published: February 28, 2017

    In Foundation Training, we spend the first morning developing an understanding of the process we all went through in learning our native tongue. GrapeSEED’s basis in the Theory of Natural Language Acquisition is fundamental in understanding how the program accomplishes its goal: helping students acquire and refine their language skills across all modalities of communication (reading, writing, speaking, listening) in a natural manner. Make sure you’re providing your students with pl...

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