• Foundation Fundamentals: Poem Perfection

    Published: December 07, 2017

    GrapeSEED Shared Reading Poems provide girls & boys with a multitude of rich literacy skills.There are 3 GrapeSEED Poems in our early units, and each focuses on 1-2 special letters a piece. Through the Vertical Phonics Approach, students are introduced to the most frequent sounds of a letter. This methodology scaffolds children when they begin to decode unfamiliar words as they become readers and writers. Phonemic awareness and 'Concepts About Print' are the main focus of the Shared Readin...

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  • Foundation Fundamentals: Chants!

    Published: December 03, 2017

    GrapeSEED Chants are introduced in Unit 3. Chants are special because they expose children to asking and answering questions, reciprocal conversation, and even dialogue between characters. Our Chants also introduce children to contractions!  Tonya wants to remind you that when introducing a new Chant, you will ask and answer the questions, so be sure to use proper intonation and expression to build meaning for your students. As you move along in exposures, your students will begin to answ...

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  • Tonya Says 'Check out the GrapeSEED Store!'

    Published: November 23, 2017

    The GrapeSEED Store is open and ready for business! There are awesome stickers, character bracelets, plush dolls, ABC lines and more! Simply click here to shop. Need creative ideas for incorporating some of these items into your classroom? *Let Marvin Monkey 'hide' in a different spot in the classroom each day, allowing children to use the language their learning as they find him..."Marvin is on the window ledge!", "Marvin is under the teacher's desk!" and so on. *Let your little ones write no...

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  • Tonya Is Thankful for YOU!

    Published: November 17, 2017

    Tonya and the entire GrapeSEED gang wish you, your students, and each of your families a warm, wonderful, restful Thanksgiving holiday!  We are grateful for the impact you're making on your students as you empower them to conquer language barriers.

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  • Be a Support!

    Published: November 09, 2017

    Many of you have friends and colleagues in your building or district who are also part of the GrapeSEED family. Talk to one another about meaningful extensions, fun props and worthwhile questions that have made an impact on your boys & girls during GrapeSEED lessons. You and your GrapeSEED Teachers are resources for each other!

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