Effective language acquisition the natural way

Before creating the first storybook, the GrapeSEED program designers invested years of classroom teaching, educational research, and planning. They looked closely at how children naturally learn their native language.

They chose the communicative basis of the functional-notional approach as the underlying foundation of the program. The GrapeSEED early childhood education program helps children to efficiently achieve literacy and close the achievement gap.

Key highlights include:

Vocabulary: The GrapeSEED vocabulary is derived not from long lists of words, but from common functions that children would want to perform—functions such as seeking information, expressing opinions, and socializing.

Pronunciation: The GrapeSEED designers created a comprehensive, yet streamlined, functional-notional system and added a daily feature called pronunciation focus, which aids the teacher in systematically emphasizing important sounds.

Reading/Writing: GrapeSEED develops phonemic and phonological awareness, along with reading and writing readiness through shared reading of big books, poems and stories. We work to ensure our students know the most common high-frequency words from the GrapeSEED 100 most-often-occurring words.

Phonics: Conventional phonics methods were replaced with GrapeSEED's innovative system of vertical phonics, specifically designed with phonemic and phonological awareness and reading and writing readiness for children who have limited literacy skills.

Comprehensiveness: Each tool of each system within GrapeSEED is carefully integrated with every other tool of learning so that the student is always working on a combination of shared objectives! This offers the student a comprehensive and efficient English learning experience.

Progressive: GrapeSEED uses small, deliberate steps toward specific and significant milestones, carefully building from the first word to English proficiency, and utilizing a focused vocabulary that gradually becomes more complex as fluency and proficiency are achieved.