Oral language and critical listening focus overcomes learning obstacles

One of the major flaws in conventional programs for children is that they use grammar and logical reasoning strategies as their organizing principles. When children do not have enough knowledge of language, and are not yet capable of abstract reasoning, they become bored and disengaged, and the instruction fails.

The reality is that children learn language by hearing it, becoming familiar with it, and then learning the sounds required to accomplish a needed task. In other words, they do not learn a language by memorizing words and sentences tied to a systematic structure.

The benefits of the
GrapeSEED approach are many:

Speeds language development.
Children develop communication skills much faster through the process of hearing functions, memorizing them, and repeating them, while learning just enough vocabulary to be able to use those functions.

Jump-starts communications with only the most essential vocabulary.
Building early communication ability with fewer words lays the foundation for basic fluency, incremental growth, and eventual proficiency.

Facilitates a more interactive, close-knit teacher-student relationship.
The GrapeSEED approach brings teachers and students together in a harmonious relationship—one where learning becomes a joy-filled experience, and students take a more active role in shaping their own education.

Combines the best of top-down teaching with student participation.
Traditional English teaching emphasizes a top-down, teacher-driven approach, without regard to how children learn best. In contrast, the GrapeSEED program allows children to think and interact—an approach that enhances their ability to communicate in English.

Greatly enhances student interest, accelerating the learning process.
The GrapeSEED approach encourages student participation. Because classroom lessons reflect their everyday life experiences, students become major stakeholders in their own education, and their personal interest in the lessons accelerates the learning process.

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